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How Homeopathy Can Transform Lives

Homeopathic Medicine has long been known to cure acute ailments like Coughs, Allergies, Eczema, Earache and so the list goes on. Of course that is fantastic and some of my most dramatic results, that can win over even the most hardened sceptic, have been with acute ailments where the cure is fast and often astonishing!

Back in the 1990's I was a newbie homeopath and one of my patients was an interior designer with a prestigious magazine. She told me in our first session that since she had finished with her ex a few years previously she had been unable to have a relationship in spite of her best efforts. I asked her to tell me the circumstances of the break up and she told me that she and her ex had gone to Berlin shortly after the wall had come down. She had bought a piece of the wall like many people did and shortly after this trip she and her ex broke up. I asked her what she had down with the piece of wall and she told me that she had out it under her sofa. Everything made sense to me then. The Berlin Wall symbolised separation and alienation and one could say that the piece of wall she had bought carried the energies of that separation and lo and behold there was separation in her relationships. I told her she must get rid of the piece of Berlin Wall and I gave her Berlin Wall in homeopathic potency (yes, in case you didn't realise we use all kinds of strange remedies in homeopathy!). The next week she told me she met a new boyfriend and they married shortly after and as far as I am aware she is still married to the same man.

Also in the 1990s I was seeing patients in Ireland. One patient has stayed in my mind as an example of how homeopathy can gloriously change lives. This lively woman came to me with an anxiety issue. She was unable to socialise, to hold down a job or do normal things like shopping, going to a pub or restaurant. In fact, there was a wedding coming up and she was distraught at the thought that she would be unable to attend due to this crippling anxiety. She had received a few different and seemingly well indicated remedies from myself and other homeopaths but no real change. I decided to give her an unknown remedy (at the time) called BARYTA NITRICUM.

There was a dramatic transformation. This woman was able to attend the wedding and enjoy it. The anxiety slipped away. She was able to live a 'normal' life and socialise and visit pubs and restaurants. She said to me 'this remedy made me the person I truly am!'

Another case that sticks in my mind (although with a sad final outcome) is a middle aged woman who had bone cancer. She was forced to wear a neck brace as the bone in her spine had degenerated. She had burning pains in and was emaciated when I first saw her. She had been given a diet of cold vegetable juices and a huge number of supplements. Her core body temperature was cold and the supplement capsules got stuck in her throat as there were so many to take every day. She had been given a couple of months to live. Common sense told me that making someone who may have little time to live follow a diet of rigid austerity was a mistake. I told her to stop taking the vegetable juices and supplements and eat what she felt like eating. I prescribed a number of different homeopathic remedies. Within a short time this lady was able to remove the neck brace, she regained a normal weight (in fact, slightly over), the burning pains receded dramatically and she was able to lead a normal life. I would love to say this was the happy end of the story. Unfortunately she passed away a couple of months later following an unexpected shock in her marriage, but her last few months were lived happily until this sad conclusion. It was a privilege being able to treat this lady who was an inspiration to me and many others.

In my homeopathic practice, my utmost goal is to imbue my patients' lives with joy. Echoing Jan Scholten's wisdom, I believe that true healing is synonymous with liberation. This principle of 'Cure as Freedom' embodies the ultimate aspiration for all of us dedicated to the art of healing.

If you are at a crossroads in your life and would like to find out if homeopathy could help you why not book in for a FREE no obligation chat with me, Jonathan Stallick RSHom.

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