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Welcome to Beginners Guide to Homeopathy at Home!
A 6-part online course


🌟 Course Overview:

  • Duration: 6 Modules, 1 hour each

  • Format: Interactive Online Sessions

  • Price: £45 for the entire course

  • Start Date: Monday 9th October


Starts 9th October 2023, every Monday at 18.00 (UK)  for 6 weeks.

A Recording will be available if you miss any part

Ready to dive into the world of homeopathy? Click on the link below to secure your spot and begin your journey to holistic healing!

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Unlock the world of natural healing with our enlightening 6-part online course! It’s time to explore the richness of homeopathy and understand how to use it effectively to enhance well-being and treat common ailments. Whether you're a beginner curious about homeopathy or someone looking to expand their knowledge of holistic healing, this course is for you!

🔥 Benefits ofthe Course:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Jonathan Stallick RSHom, anexperienced professional in the field of homeopathy

  • Practical Knowledge: Understand how to apply homeopathy in everyday life for various conditions

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in insightful discussions and Q&A sessions

  • Lifetime Access: Revisit the course material anytime you wish

🌱 Who is this course for?

  • Those curious about natural and holistic healing methods

  • Individuals looking to treat common ailments at home using homeopathy

  • Anyone interested in enhancing their well-being through natural remedies

🌼 What You’ll Learn:

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Homeopathy and remedies like Aconite and Arnica

  2. Module 2: Delving deeper with remedies like Apis and Ledum

  3. Module 3: Exploration of remedies such as Ant tart and Phosphorus

  4. Module 4: Insight into remedies like Arg-nit and Arsenicum

  5. Module 5: Understanding remedies like Bryonia and Ignatia

  6. Module 6: Final module with remedies like Drosera and Lachesis


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