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I thought I'd scan through my Facebook posts to find the good news posts of patient cures with homeopathy.

But what about the sceptics? Funnily enough I've treated a good number of sceptic patients or their animals.

I remember one chap I treated years a go when I'd just started practising homeopathy. He'd been sent by his wife. Suffering from sciatica he was grumpy and didn't really want to answer my questions. "I don't believe in your little white pills," he proudly exclaimed. I gave hime a few doses of Colocynthis and the sciatica disappeared. After that he was then my number one fan!

Another friend of mine had a dog with a bad seasonal allergy. I offered to treat the dog as a favour and my friend looked slightly witheringly at me and told me that if the vet couldn't help it was unlikely homeopathy could. But I persisted and treated the dog. The following week my friend told me that the allergy had cleared up (100% better, he said) but could hardly believe it in spite of the evidence.

As one gentleman pronounced recently:

"I don't believe in homeopathy but luckily my body doesn't believe in my disbelief!" Nicely said!

Oh, but the way I want to bring your attention to a beautiful little video as an introduction to homeopathy that's just been released by 4Homeopathy. Check it out and share with your friends: CLICK


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