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The Cases that Confounded the Sceptics

Like many homeopaths I live with a permanent sense of inferiority due to being a practising homeopath. And I get it! Homeopathy IS strange! On first acquaintance it can sound like witchcraft and if I hadn't seen patients transform in front of me I might also be a sceptic.

So I wanted to present some cases that are difficult to explain from a sceptic's point of view and dramatically show how homeopathy is not some vague medicine for minor ailments but is something that needs to be taken seriously .

Here is the evidence m'lud! :)


My father was the most unwell person I met. Not helped by being a chain smoker for many years he had an overactive thyroid that became underachieve after receiving radioactive iodine treatment. He had a heart attack, followed by triple bypass operation; strokes and ended up with CLL Leukemia (a slow progressive form with a death prognosis after 10 years). I treated him at every point and on receiving the diagnosis of CLL leukaemia by the doctors at the Royal Marsden hospital I gave him homeopathic RADIUM IODIDE. His glands which had been swollen immediately went back to normal and on presenting himself to the gents at the Royal Marsden again he was told: "well Mr Stallick, we don't quite know what is going on but your blood count seems to have stabilised". My father told them that his son was treating him homoeopathically and the doctors just said "whatever you're doing keep doing it because it's working"


I had a Brazilian cleaner in one of my previous flats. She had come to England with her girlfriend and cleaning was the only job she could find. It was hard work and one Summer day she turned up with terrible hay fever: swollen glands, dripping nose, blocked sinuses, no energy at all. Feeling sorry for her I asked if she would like me to give her a homeopathic remedy. She didn't know what homeopathy was but as willing to try anything, such was her suffering. I gave her a dose of KALI IOD 200 and she carried on working. An hour later I asked how she was and she looked and sounded completely different. I am COMPLETELY BETTER she announced amazed! No glands, no dripping nose and full of energy. The hay fever didn't return.


Another acute case occurred when I was staying in my favourite place on the planet: CAPE TOWN. I was lodged at a beautiful boutique hotel run by two lovely English women, Carol and Jo. One day I came across Jo and she was in a terrible state. I asked her what was wrong. She said she had a sore throat like swallowing broken glass and zero energy. I asked her if she'd like to try a homeopathic remedy and she told me in no uncertain terms that she didn't think my little white pills could help if the doctor's meds couldn't (accompanied by a withering look). So I said "well there's no harm in trying, nothing to lose." She agreed and took a dose of MERCURIUS 200.

Two hours later I bumped into her and asked how she was. She looked astonished and said "it's all cleared up. I feel fine. No sore throat, energy has come back". She became a firm homeopathy convert and even treated her pet animals with homeopathy after that.


I lived in the ground floor flat in Brighton at one point and while I was there new occupants moved into the flat above., a mother and her teenage son. We quickly became good mates but I was aware her son wasn't right. He seemed very lacking in confidence and would stand almost frozen to the spot in front of me. His mum said he had Asperger's syndrome and that she didn't expect him to be able to lead a normal life going forwards. I asked if I could give him remedy. Mum didn't know anything about homeopathy but was open minded enough to try (or was too polite to say no!). I gave the lad a dose of BARYTA CARBONICUM 10M.

Over the next few days apparently he became very angry (he had been traumatised when his dad had left his mum and still bore the wound). After that he opened up. Soon after he went to university, met a girlfriend and lived a normal life. His mum swore this would never have been possible without homeopathy. Interestingly the young man maintained that homeopathy hadn't done anything. And if that's the case my name is Robinson Crusoe! :))

And finally Ester (for those that remember that funny UK TV institution 'That's Life')...

CASES 5 & 6

I had a friend with a dog, a Jack Russell from what I remember. Every year he would get terrible itchy blistery skin on his abdomen. The constant scratching drove the dog (and his owner) mad. I asked my friend if he would like a remedy for the dog. The friend, as was customary, looked at me as if I was mad. But eventually he relented and I gave the dog SULPHUR and homeopathic HISTAMINE. The next time I saw my friend he grudgingly admitted that the dog was 100% better.

Another doggie story stars another jack Russell dog owned by the occupants downstairs in the same flat as in Case 4. This dog was very old and could walk. In fact he had completely lost the use of his back legs and had to drag them off the sofa where he lay most of the day. I bumped into the owner during the height of the Covid pandemic and when he told me the story of his dog I knew I could help as I had treated a few dogs with this problem in the past. I told the slightly sceptical owner to get CONIUM 30 and CAUSTICUM 30 and give the dog a dose daily. The next time I saw the owner he was effusive with amazement. His dog was ABLE TO WALK AGAIN. The dog no longer dragged his legs off the sofa but was able to use them properly. OK so this dog was never going to run in the races again but it was a true miracle. .

So there you are, just a few cases from the thousands I have treated. When you get a bullseye remedy there is absolutely no doubt that it works. Let's celebrate homeopathy! Medicine of the Future!

If you would like to find out if homeopathy is the right path for you BOOK in with me for a FREE no obligation chat:

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