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Updated: Jun 16, 2021


And for those of us who suffer through the long British winter it’s been a long time coming! Some of you with fair skin will be sensitive to too much sun and of course we are bombarded with warning about the risks of over exposure to the sun. But the other side of the coin is we need the sun to replenish our Vitamin D levels as this vitamin is essential for calcium metabolism. Less well known is that lack of vitamin D affects our mood and some people have found that taking a Vitamin D supplement in Winter can dramatically improve seasonal depression. Vitamin D Is not found naturally in many foods but fatty fish oils like salmon are a good source.

So, I thought I’d give you a few homeopathic remedies and tips that may be useful in Summer. You can buy first aid kits at Helios Pharmacy ( which are absolutely essential if you’re going on holiday.


If you are lucky enough to be able to travell to a destination where the water quality is problematic (I wish I’d known this when I went to Turkey some years ago!) or your diet is going to change somewhat it’s worth buying a PROBIOTIC (in capsules is handy) from a pharmacy or health food shop and taking one capsule a day for 3 days before you travel and then one a day while you are on holiday. I’ve found that really helps in keeping your gut healthy.


Aside from using a good cream with an SPF, any cream or lotion containing Aloe Vera or Calendula is a good thing to have after mild sun exposure. It will soothe any rawness and keep skin hydrated and supple.

If you suffer from more serious sunburn it is worth keeping CANTHARIS 30 or SOL 30 handy as an internal remedy. These are proven to take the sting out of sunburn and help healing. Take a 30c tablet/pill 3 x a day for a few days.

SOL interestingly is a useful remedy for acne that is better (or worse) in the sun.


There are lots of remedies that may be indicated for headaches depending on the individual symptom picture. But for pounding sun headaches where the head feels like it’s going to explode GLONOINUM can be a God-send. Of course do seek professional help for serious sun headaches if needed.


This is a rash of spots or blisters that can occur in hot temperatures where there is a tendency to sweat more than usual. There can be itching or a prickling/stinging sensation. The two remedies I recommend for this are: URTICA URENS or HISTAMINUM (this is actually histamine homoeopathically prepared). A few doses of either should calm the rash.

So there are a few tips to help you enjoy the sun. I hope you have a wonderful summer.


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