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We live in an age of fast food, fast travel and fast medicine. We’re all looking for that silver bullet that will give instant relief from pain and discomfort, whether that’s physical or emotional. And who can blame us! Nobody likes to suffer.

I, for one, am grateful for the hospital services. In emergencies they provide a welcome safety net.

But is there a down side to the silver bullet?

We need to take a step back and consider what is the function of pain and suffering. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong. It's like the warning oil light in a car. Nobody in there right mind would just rip out the oil light without sorting the deeper need of the lack of oil.

So, mainstream meds, however amazing they are often take away the symptom but without dealing with the deeper inharmony.

We are used to mainstream western medicine compartmentalising us. We go fo the doctor with a few symptoms, let's say bloating, severe acne and depression. We then may be referred to three different specialists: the gastrointestinal guy, the dermatologist and the shrink! But does anyone consider that all of these symptoms (including the depression!) may be part of a core issue?

Homeopathy addresses this deeper core issue in patients. Homeopaths like to view the film of the patient's life and not just the holiday snapshot. The benefit to the patient is that we deal with pain or discomfort AND we resolve the deeper issue leading to increased happiness and joy! Yes! Happiness and joy! Remember those?

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