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You know, it’s bad enough trying to persuade sceptics that nano doses of substances can do anything. Quack medicine they cry! But then there’s the category of remedies we call imponderabilia which, in an earlier age, would probably have resulted in homeopaths being excommunicated or worse!

So what are the imponderables? Well they include remedies such as Sol (sunlight), Luna (moonlight), X Ray, Spectrum (refracted light) and the light of planets such as Venus, Saturn and Jupiter.

Light of planets!?? How on earth (excuse the pun) can a light from a planet be a remedy! Well, the light from the planet is focussed through a powerful telescope onto powdered milk sugar which is then diluted further with more milk sugar to form a homeopathic trituration. And the idea is that something of the energy from that light source communicates itself via the remedy as the essence of the source.

It may sound crazy but homeopaths have been getting reliably good results over the last 200 years using such remedies and as Shakespeare famously quoted: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Recently I had the opportunity to see Light of Venus at work as a remedy. One lady patient has had Glaucoma for many years with gradually reduced eyesight. She has received many remedies from myself and other reputable homeopaths. But so far nothing has touched this aspect although she has been helped in many other ways.

Chris Wilkinson RSHom has conducted a very interesting proving of Venus Stella Erans (or Light of Venus) and using this and aspects of my patient I have come up with the following themes of the remedy.

  • These patients tend to withdraw into a world of cosiness and beauty. They may be interested in art, interior design, cooking, making their home cosy and beautiful and they use this as a buffer against the harsh world outside.

  • They may be agoraphobic, they find the outside world over stimulating and become disorientated.

  • They may only be comfortable in a certain ‘orbit’ around their home. They have a fixed ‘comfort zone’ and beyond that they get disorientated.

  • The may have chronic fatigue or get easily drained.

  • They may have eye symptoms: glaucoma, irritation, infections

  • They may have symptoms of numbness (reflecting the idea of the life force withdrawing vitality from certain parts of the body).

  • These people may be very beautiful, have a faded beauty or have once been beautiful

This lady patient has benefited from Light of Venus. She has more energy, more confidence and more recently her eye pressure has decreased somewhat. It’s early days of course but I am hopeful.

You can find out more about the proving of Venus Stella Errans here:

And Pat Maher has published a very interesting article on Light of Saturn here:

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