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Diamonds are Forever... (Darling!)

'In all my clinical and proving experience there is nothing approaching the pain, suffering and torment of this state. For depression and suicide it is a leap beyond the Aurum state into a devastating compulsion for self hate and self destruction.’ People who are hard on themselves, burden of responsibility, ‘soaked with guilt’, utterly worthless. Life is hard and seems pointless. Aurum may work somewhat but not completely, and diamond takes over this work'.

So said Peter Tuminello who conducted a proving of Diamond.

There are 4 types of Carbon: Amorphous, Graphite, Diamond and Fullerene.

Diamond is the hardest substance (in fact the hardest substance known to man). Graphites is well known as a homeopathic remedy (I often use it when a patient feels their world is crumbling around them) but Diamond is less well known. It is a formidable and essential remedy in our homeopathic Materia Medica.

All gems come from the ground and so they are all useful when people feel trapped in some situation. In Diamond there is a hard character with a lot of responsibility. It tends to fit driven, ambitious individuals who experience a loss or feel trapped by their driven lifestyle. They dismiss emotions as weak. They want to sparkle all the time. They often have a precise and brilliant mind. They want to look good, and they want to live a life of luxury (cravings for champagne and smoked salmon!).

They want to be shining heroes, they hide weaknesses. They only do things when they know they can do them perfectly.

Diamond types might feel embarrassed by any skin condition - this reminds me of a woman I once met who ran a very up market natural health centre in London. I was applying to work there as a homeopath and at the time was seeing a lot of patients with AIDS, some of whom had skin disfigurement. The woman was concerned that these patients might upset other patients because of these less than attractive skin conditions. Only patients with attractive diseases welcome, seemingly! She probably needed Diamond!

So these people who need Diamond can be a bit arrogant and demanding. They are fastidious, have a need for order and hate disorganisation.

But it can also be good for that state of a deep loss e.g. death of a child, loss of wealth. As Tuminello says it's the state beyond AURUM (which is known for its suicidal depression). Diamonds, of course are very valuable, and as a remedy there is this aspect of losing something incredibly valuable.

It can be a useful remedy when there are visual disturbances, loss of vision and fear of losing the vision (we think of diamonds as having CLARITY). They dislike weather where they cannot see clearly, like cloudy weather. They can feel lost and disoriented (also in their lives!). They love sunny weather and crystal clear mountain weather!

Diamond types feel under huge PRESSURE (think of the huge underground pressure that created the diamonds).

Jan Scholten says: 'they have an extreme need for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth'. Their ambition for truth, clarity and sharpness cannot accept lies, not even the smallest one! Everything has to be said even if it is not pleasant or courteous. Clearly (!) this can make them difficult people to live with.

Physically they can suffer from the following complaints:Alcoholism/substance abuse; allergy and hay fever, anorexia, asthma, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, cough, depression, fibromyalgia; headache, peptic ulcer, PMS, psoriasis, sinusitis, varices. Herpes, shingles.


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