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I’m one of those poor souls that gets SAD when Autumn and Winter come. I feel like I’m walking in a fog, lost in a fog actually! I’m trapped in my head. All problems seems 10 x worse and I’m counting the weeks till Spring returns.

I decided to take things into my own hands and I repertorised Delusion: Lost and < Cloudy Weather. Up pops Succinum Purum (latin for Amber).

I took a dose and so far I’m back in my body. My vital energy has returned and feel relatively normal.

The homeopathic proving of Amber is actually very interesting. It was conducted by the great Irish homeopath Nuala Eising. Nuala considers Amber to be one of our deep polycrest remedies. Issues of feeling displaced (like immigrants… I’ve actually just moved to a, for me, strange town in Hastings), or not belonging to your family came up. These immigrants sometimes make a fantasy about their homeland, or adopted children can make a fantasy about their natural family. Together with this there is a tremendous restlessness that makes us think of Tuberculinum. There is also a ‘veneration for the sun’ (amber was considered in ancient times to be solidified rays of the sun) which reminds us of SAD that so many suffer. And there is a feeling of being trapped which is interesting as many insects got trapped in the sticky resin that became amber over millennia.

So I’m putting this out there in case Amber could be a great remedy for SAD. Please write to me if you have any good stories of using Amber in this way.

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