I’ve nothing against mainstream medicine. In emergencies particularly it’s fantastic. But sometimes it just doesn’t work. I’ve just treated a young child for repeated ear infections and eczema. Here’s what mum had to say about homeopathy… “My 18 month old daughter India suffered with terrible eczema and repeated ear infections. Constant trips to the doctors resulted in four courses of antibiotics and no improvement whatsoever. From the moment we sought Jonathan’s help everything changed. Now after only a couple of weeks her ear infections and eczema have completely cleared up. I can’t recommend Jonathan highly enough!”HM, Brighton.

This is just one example of the wonderful healing potential of homeopathy. Safe, Natural, Effective.

Homeopathy can help

depression • anxiety • panic attacks • stress • high blood pressure • chronic fatigue • M.E. • period problems • hot flushes • asthma • thyroid disorders • eating disorders • hay fever • autism • ADHD • IBS • ulcerative colitis • arthritis • eczema • dermatitis • allergies • injuries • ear, nose and throat issues • colds • flu • migraines • urinary infections • sciatica • insomnia • pregnancy problems • infertility • prostate problems • chemotherapy/radiotherapy side effects • HIV-related symptoms… and more

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