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It's been a few years since the UK NHS stopped doctors prescribing for 'minor' ailments. And here is the list of those ailments:

  1. Acute sore throats

  2. Cold sores

  3. Conjunctivitis

  4. Coughs and colds and nasal congestion

  5. Cradle cap

  6. Haemorrhoids

  7. Infant colic

  8. Mild cystitis

  9. Contact dermatitis (allergic rash)

  10. Dandruff

  11. Diarrhoea in adults

  12. Dry eyes / sore tired eyes

  13. Earwax

  14. Sweating too much

  15. Head lice

  16. Indigestion and heartburnInfrequent migraines Infrequent constipation

  17. Insect bites and stings

  18. Mild acne

  19. Mild dry skin/sunburn

  20. Mild to moderate hay fever Minor burns and scalds

  21. Conditions which are not serious but might cause pain or fever. For example sprains, headaches, period pain or back pain.

  22. Mouth ulcers

  23. Nappy rash

  24. Oral thrush

  25. Prevention of tooth decay

  26. Ringworm or athletes foot

  27. Teething or mild toothache

  28. Threadworms

  29. Travel sickness

  30. Warts and verrucas

Well, the NHS may class these as 'minor ailments' but many of them are at least uncomfortable, perhaps annoying and almost certainly interfere with one's life. So if you want to treat these conventionally you will need to go by pass the doctor and buy over-the-counter drugs or ointments.

That's ok but homeopathy has a little something extra up its sleeve. The thing about homeopathic remedies is that they have an extra beneficial effect that OTC drugs will never have. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's own healing mechanism (theVital Force as homeopaths term it).

It's like exercising a muscle to make it stronger. So, the more you use homeopathy in your daily life (as a first option rather than as a last resort!) the stronger your Vital Force becomes to fight off illness. Additionally homeopathic remedies don't put any strain on the liver which many drugs do (the liver is responsible for processing unwanted waste products- like drugs and poisons- in the system.)

Everyone should have a homeopathic first aid kit for the home medicine cupboard or when travelling. You can buy a homeopathic First Aid Kits from one of the homeopathic pharmacies such as Helios ( and Ainsworths ( These contain 18 or 36 of the most commonly used remedies in homeopathic first aid plus a little booklet with remedy indications.

Of course if you are a registered patient of mine you can use me like you would a GP, so you can get help (sometimes free!) for any health difficulties that crop up in the course of day to day living.

Kids of course love homeopathic remedies because they usually come as a little white sugar pills which taste pleasant. No more tears!

And finally, it's so much more FUN seeing those annoying acute health issues getting better without using any chemical nasties! Thanks to homeopathy and your Vital Force- a good and lasting partnership!

Here's another BLOG that may interest you which explains the difference between ACUTE and CHRONIC prescribing.

Click here.

You can book a FREE no obligation chat with me to find out if homeopathy is right for you. Click here.

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