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Why A Little Bit of Cancer is Good for You!

Updated: May 24, 2023

Now I've got your attention read about how homeopathy turns nasty substances into healing remedies.

Yes that's a pretty dramatic title to my blog and of course I'm not saying that contracting cancer is good for you per se.

What I am saying is that homeopathic remedies are not just made from sweet smelling flowers and plants but utilise any substance that when specially diluted and prepared can act as a healing agent.

One special group of remedies that homeopaths often use are called nosodes. A nosode is a remedy prepared from different types of disease tissue. Some examples include tubercular sputum (Tuberculinum), a syphilitic lesion (Syphilinum), the discharge from a scabies vesicle and, of course, tissue taken from a cancerous tumour (Carcinosin). There are many others too.

Please don't dismiss this as homeopathic craziness. These are powerful remedies that can transform people's lives for the good.

Carcinosin is a particularly interesting example as Cancer is the disease of our age (at least in the West) and the 'essence' of cancer permeates our culture.

Now of course we don't give our patients a material dose of cancer (or any other remedy). Every remedy is diluted and diluted and diluted, sometimes thousands of times so that statistically not a single molecule remains of the original substance.

The great homeopath Tinus Smits (sadly not with us any more), had this to say about Carcinosin:

“To discover the essence of Carcinosinum we have to understand the basic problem of the cancer patient and what exactly is a tumor, becauseCarcinosinum is made from thematerialization of the cancer problem. The cancer patient has [unwittingly] permitted cells that are 'not him' to grow in his body without activating his defense mechanisms sufficiently to destroy them. The tumor is a foreign entity that does not respect him and finally destroys him, without even respecting structures such as blood vessels, muscles, lymph nodes. It grows by transgressing every structure, every border".

He goes on to say:

“When a patient takesCarcinosinum his self confidence grows and that he starts to listen more to his own needs and to defend himself better. He fortifies his borders and gets into a process of more awareness of what is ‘him’ and what is ‘not him’, no longer allowing the poisonous energy from outside to settle within his borders. He takes more care of himself, being attentive to his own needs and desires".

Homeopaths work from the premise that every remedy has within it the essence of the substance it is prepared from, whether that be a sweet plant or a cancerous tumour. The essence of cancer (revealed through decades of clinical experience) has to do with a deep suppression both physical and emotional. This suppression leads us to abandon our core desires and expression and adapt to somebody else's. Physically this can mean we hand ourselves over to drugs and vaccines that may be doing us harm, yet we are unable to assert our will against them. Emotionally this often dates back to childhood when we a rapt totally to parents, some of whom may not be aligned with our inner core spirit.

I want to end this blog by saying that however distasteful these remedies sound on paper their effects can be dramatic and deep acting. They can be a release from years of misery and allow people to align themselves better with who they really are.

If you have a health issue and would like to chat it over with me to see if homeopathy might be for you, I offer a FREE 30 minute, no obligation introductory phone chat for you to have all your questions answered.

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