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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

I'm sure most of us are sick of hearing about Covid! The last few years have been a long and tiresome road for many. But patients are still coming to me with long covid or CV vaccination adverse reactions. Thankfully homeopathy is well up to the task of helping in these cases.

So I thought I would talk a bit about the remedies I am finding useful for long covid and covid-19 vaccination injury..

Let's first look at what the typical symptoms (both mental and emotional) are for long covid.

Physical effects, more specifically include:

  1. Neurological disturbances: dizziness, wooziness in the head, tickling sensation. Talking difficult, difficulty forming sentences, finding words, foggy thinking

  2. Weak hearing (also after vaccination)

  3. Hair loss

  4. Headache

  5. Joint pain in spine

  6. Sciatica

  7. Loss of smell or taste

  8. Breathlessness

  9. Numbness & prickling

  10. Intense skin pain, burning and stabbing

  11. Exhaustion

Key mental symptoms are most important and reflect the zeitgeist of the whole pandemic:

  1. Fundamentalist viewpoints

  2. Family divisions

  3. Fear of covid-19

  4. Fear of Covid-19 vaccination

  5. Fear of surveillance by the state and arbitrary state power

  6. Isolation and depression

  7. Fear for oneself and ones relatives related to Covid-19

Covid-19 nosodes* started to become available in 2020 (Ainsworths Pharmacy) and are certainly worth thinking about in cases where other remedies have no effect or as a starter remedy to prepare for other remedies.

Radium Bromatum This has been my main go-to remedy where there has been a collapse of the immune system with neurological and respiratory and other adverse effects from Covid-19 or Covid-19 vaccination.Often there are joint and muscle pains, numbness, prickling, lameness and a desire to hide away at home.

Malaria Nosode is a very important remedy where symptoms keep recurring. The correlation between Malaria and Covid is interesting especially as the mechanism of the way the virus attacks the blood cells in both these diseases is similar. Often there is a sense of resentment towards Covid which is perceived as robbing the person of their vitality and health.

Picric Acid is noteworthy for complete exhaustion especially with headaches. Franz Swoboda did fantastic work with this remedy. He saw it as a genus epidemicus. Particularly it seemingly saved a good number of lives in care homes in Germany where it was routinely administered and demonstrated impressive survivability amongst those elderly residents compared to those who did not receive the remedy.

Ozone can be a useful remedy where breathlessness is predominant. Not having enough air to breathe with cough.

Antimonium Arsenicosum is an interesting remedy where there are typical Arsenicum symptoms (coldness, breathless, fear of death) but with an extra resistance to authorities controlling the patients' life

Abrotanum, from the Artemisia family, has been used successfully where there is a feeling of being 'invaded' by the virus. Often there is loss of weight and energy with a chronic cough.

Scuttelaria has long been known as a remedy for post-influenza states where there is much weakness, dizziness and yet a strong desire to get back to work.

Sabadilla (from the Lilly family) is a strange remedy in that it has many strange fears related to their health and their body image. Where there is a lot of coryza, post nasal drip, and much unfounded fearfulness Sabadilla.

Cimex (bedbug!) has been a surprisingly useful remedy where the chronic cough is accompanied by pronounced contraction and

tightness of the chest and limbs and and the patient feels angry and annoyed.

Fungal remedies such as Ganodermum Lucidus (Reishi), Coprinus and Tapinella can be useful where there is much exhaustion and woolliness and fogginess in thinking.

I have intentionally presented remedies that may not be so well known. There are of course other more common remedies like Arsenicum, Phosphorus, Bacillinum, Tuberculinum, Carcinosin and Natrum Muriaticum that may be needed.

* a nosode is a remedy made initially from some diseased tissue

If you are suffering from Long Covid or post vaccination adverse reactions it is worth consulting with an experienced homeopath who can manage your treatment more effectively.

I offer a 30 minute FREE no obligation telephone introduction for you to see if homeopathy might be suitable and to answer any questions you may have. Click here to book your appointment:

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