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Perhaps like many of you I am saddened when I walk around the town to see so many people in fear, wearing masks, unable to make relaxed contact with others, awkwardly doing a little dance when coming across another person in the same supermarket isle.

I have always taken the view that where possible a natural approach to health, with as little interference as possible, is best. And leading a full, active, unfettered life is normally our best insurance for our overall health. This is not just my view but is supported by many health experts too.

In this blog I want to present some data to reassure you by putting things about this coronavirus in perspective and hopefully lower levels of anxiety (which is not good for health).

  • In the UK an average of 17000 people die from ‘normal’ flu every year

  • 650,000 people die from ‘normal’ flu globally every year

  • Less than half of the global number of ‘normal flu’ deaths have died from or with Covid 19 so far this year

  • Most of the deaths (88%) are of very elderly patients with other underlying diseases

  • There are very few deaths from Covid 19 under the age of 50

  • Over 99% of people who carry the Covid 19 virus have no symptoms or just mild symptoms and recover very well

  • The total emphasis on the virus is misplaced. We have an immune system that works very well for most of us.

  • We can boost our immune system by eating well, adding in supplements where necessary (Vitamin C and D especially), making sure we get adequate outdoor exercise and exposure to sunlight.

  • Homeopathy is a wonderful way to boost the immune system and maintain health

And finally I would like to share my 87 year old mum’s experience with Covid 19 recently. She had never in her whole life had any breathing problems (but does have other underlying health issues). 4 weeks ago she couldn’t breathe, she became weak and was clearly in distress; we thought she might have to go to hospital. I decided to treat her homoeopathically. I gave the remedy Carbo Veg ( it is not called the “corpse reviver” for nothing!).Within one hour the breathing had normalised and she was walking around as if nothing had happened. Over the next few weeks she had a few relapses, either experiencing some discomfort around breathing or aching limbs or headache. On each occasion she was given homeopathic remedies (Carbo Veg, Cuprum muriaticum, Gelsemium, China officinalis) and now she is fully recovered, fit and healthy. I should add here that homeopathic remedies need to be prescribed on the individual symptom picture. There’s not one remedy for treating people with Covid 19.

I have a number of homeopath colleagues who have treated a good number of patients with Covd-19 either with mild or severe symptoms. I have heard of only one out of hundreds who needed to go to hospital. Of course as homeopaths we treat the whole person not the disease label . But our patients with Covid-19, at least anecdotally, seem to do very well.

Fear can be a virus too! I hope this has given you food for thought. And hopefully lowered your anxiety just a little. And if it resonates with you please reassure your loved ones

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