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It occurred to me recently how often patients come with a problem that is either inherited or left over from an event that happened years ago.

Sometimes it can be fairly obvious such as presenting with recurring bronchial complaints when the parent had TB at some stage of their life.

But in other cases it can be quite complex and hidden.

I remember a lady some years ago who was presenting with asthma and irritable bowel syndrome. I gave the more obvious remedies but there was no change in her condition. After a few sessions where we weren’t getting very far I asked her if she had ever had a back injury. You see, the nerves from the spine serve every part of the body and if compromised can cause problems not directly associated with the back. Well, the lady in question suddenly recalled falling into a hole in the ground some years earlier and damaging her back. She didn’t have any treatment for it and the back pain resolved on its own. However after that the asthma and bowel problems started. I gave the lady Hypericum (one of the symptoms of Hypericum is breathing aggravated by foggy weather which is what this lady experienced) and all the symptoms resolved.

In other cases old vaccinations can be the cause or a stressful event. Sometimes this stressful event can be in the lives of our ancestors. One well known homeopath is having success treating the horrific wartime experiences in parents that are somehow still causing problems in their children. Too many antibiotics given for infections or inflammations is another common aetiology and these not only upset the bowel but can compromise immunity.

These are just a few of the complications in our modern lives. In all these cases the homeopath is a bit like a health detective searching for that elusive causation and the indicated homeopathic remedies can often able to restore health beautifully.

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