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One of my very first patients, after I launched myself on the world as a fully fledged homeopath, back in the 80's, was an elderly gent with sciatica. His disposition as he came into the clinic room told me he was not happy to be there. 'My wife sent me. I don't believe in those little white pills.' Every question I asked him was responded to curtly and irritably. I gave him some Colocynthis 200 and told him to come back after a few weeks. The man who returned had a very different air. He was courteous and told me that the pills had been miraculous; the sciatic pain had subsided quickly; and more than that he was telling all his friends about homeopathy.

I would say the ratio of women to men I see is 9:1. And most guys who come to see me are sent by their wives and girlfriends. But why is that? Why do guys tend to be more sceptical about homeopathy? Is it that men really are from Mars and women from Venus and men are more left brained, rational?

I suppose homeopathy gets lumped in with the softer healing arts. But more than that maybe, at least on the surface, homeopathy confounds our rational minds. It's so easy to rubbish homeopathy if one knows what the average 'man down the pub' thinks he knows. (For all you left brained souls check out The Homeopathy Research Institute website. So much amazing top level scientific research showing homeopathy really does work, whatever the man down the pub says).

But getting back to the subject of this blog, homeopathy really does have loads to offer the male of the species. Aside from sports injuries, homeopathy can dramatically help prostate issues, impotence, sex drive, confidence, gay and lesbian issues, work anxiety and depression, high blood pressure and all the panoply of health

issues facing men as they develop and get older. And like our friend with sciatica at the beginning of this blog, men are most likely to tell their friends about homeopathy if they see good results.

When I was working at two London HIV/AIDS centres in the 90's in fact the ratio of women to men was around 1:9, a complete reverse of my everyday practice. Most of my patients were gay men and it was such a great opportunity to treat these guys. So many came with abuse issues from their childhood and homeopathy was able to do so much good work on this level as well as dramatically improving immunity and reducing HIV- related symptoms.

You can book a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION (by phone) with me to discuss your health issues and see if homeopathy might be a good option for you. Just click here.

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