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Updated: Mar 20, 2021


For many of us these are challenging times.

So, we may feel:

  • Deprived of our normal pleasures and comforts

  • Loss of control

  • Trapped in a situation not of our making

  • Worried about money/jobs

  • Worried about catching a deadly virus

  • Worried about our loved ones

  • Bored

And these are just a few of the negative feelings we may be experiencing right now.

Indeed, I for one struggled with being told what and what not to do by governments who I felt were in full scale panic and reaching for knee jerk solutions.

BUT THERE IS HOPE! Of course we all need to find our own way to deal with these challenges but here are a few tips I hope you will find useful:

  1. Do your own risk assessment. We all have different vulnerabilities and what might suit one person will be entirely inappropriate for another.

  2. Turn off all news and limit social media. Mainstream media are having a field day spreading doom, gloom and fear. Make choices about what information you wish to receive. Do listen to scientists who have a different view from the Government. They normally take a more balanced view. I find The Highwire with Del Bigtree more interesting :

  3. Make YOU the centre of your universe. Trust your gut about what you need. Don’t follow rules that seem unreasonable.

  4. If you feel safer wearing a mask then do it. However if you feel fearful wearing a mask (I do!) claim exemption. There is very little science behind benefits of wearing masks in public and if anyone asks, saying the word “Exempt’ normally works. On flights you may need to show an ‘Exemption” Lanyard. You may choose to wear a lanyard anyway and you can get one here:

  5. Do go out and get exercise.

  6. If you want to meet friends and family DO IT. Some people have died from loneliness and isolation.

  7. Do reach out if you need support and help. Don’t just bottle it up!

  8. REMEMBER-there is a life beyond society. The birds still sing, the grass and flowers still grow and LIFE IS STILL BEAUTIFUL.

Homeopathy can really help! Homeopathy has been proven to help symptoms of Covid and boost immunity.

AND here are a few homeopathic remedies I have found useful during this period for fear, frustration and depression.

STAPHYSAGRIA – Angry and resentful about rules and regulations.Fuming.

LAC EQUINUM – Feeling frustrated about lack of progress. Just want to get on with things but feel ‘reined in’.

DIAMOND IMMERSION ESSENCE – Hopeless and frightened. Feel trapped.

ARSENICUM – Frightened of being infected, fear of meeting people in case of infection yet fear of being left alone. Overly worried about bankruptcy.

GRAPHITES – Feeling tearful and uncertain, like things might collapse at any time

VERATRUM ALBUM – Rage with high high blood pressure

AURUM – Suicidal thoughts.

GELSEMIUM – fear of going out; agoraphobia. Panic attacks.

Book your FREE Q&A session with me to find out how homeopathy can help you get happier and healthier!

Lots of love

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