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I know what panic attacks feels like. In fact it's what got me interested in homeopathy in the first place. I remember the out of control feelings, like my body had a mind of its own. There were too many negative thoughts and I felt overwhelmed. I started taking medication from my doctor but instinctively knew this wasn't the answer and decided to try homeopathy. The rest is history, as they say! And I have become a specialist in treating anxiety and depression, homeopathically.

There are many reasons we become anxious or depressed. Here are a few from the many people I have treated in the past.

  • Still feeling attached to a past relationship

  • Overwhelmed with concerns for the mental health of a member of your family

  • Sexual abuse

  • Side effects from taking the 'pill' or other medication

  • Confidence and identity issues from neglect or family abuse as a child

  • Deep attachment to an absent parental figure

  • Grief for loss of a partner

  • Financial loss

  • Anxiety about Covid or other epidemics

  • Addictions

These give you an idea of the sort of things homeopaths treat.

Now, of course maybe the first thing we think of to help us in these situations is anti depressants and anti anxiety medication. And these can certainly provide a window of relief. But there are downsides to these drugs.

  1. They tend to suppress rather than resolve the unwanted feelings which often come back as soon as we stop the medication

  2. They can have unwanted side effects, like loss of libido or concentration/focus

  3. They can be addictive and difficult to withdraw from.

So what does it feel like being treated homoeopathically for anxiety and depression? Well, first of all the consultation might be surprising, as we really do look at all aspects of your life, which normally goes back to your childhood (and beyond sometimes). Most times we go to the doctor they don't have time to explore you in depth, to really get to the bottom of what is bothering you. But with the homeopathic consultation we look at the full timeline of your life so we can make the right connections between your past and your current state.

Then we find a remedy that matches you individually. With some people they need one remedy that unlocks the feel good factor; with others it's a process, like peeling away layers of an onion. After all if you've lived with anxiety or depression for years it can take a few months to bring you back to yourself.

And what does it feel like once you've taken the remedy?

I'll let one of my recent clients tell you in her own words:

"I had issues with sleeping, depression and grief. After an in depth consultation with Jonathan he prescribed me a remedy which helped me have uninterrupted sleep for the first time in years. It also made me feeI I was ready to come off my anti depressants and have since reduced my medication and I am confidentI will be able to stop completely in a few weeks. The remedy gave me clarity in my thoughts and regain confidence in myself. I felt Jonathan really listened to me but also picked up on the subtleties of our conversation. The remedy he prescribed was not something I had tried before and I am so delighted with the results"

This lady had a very quick response and was feeling better almost immediately. Everyone is different of course and some people take longer to reach that stage. But the results are so gratifying. One lady I treated recently told me she experienced "random tears of joy" when speaking with her friend, following homeopathic treatment. Quite often the homeopathic remedies allow us to see our situation in a different way and give us the creative ability to change our life for the better.

Let's take another example. Supposing our situation revolves around our relationship with another person and we feel unable to confront them about some important matter. The remedy may allow us to lose the fear and give us the confidence to confront that person.

And that really is what we're trying to do. Not to suppress things but to our mind and body find our balance, confidence and joy naturally.

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