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Amazing Hemp Seed Oil!

In case you're wondering why Salvx is promoting Cannabis let's get clear... Hemp Seed Oil contains little or no THC (the main ingredient responsible for a 'high'). CBD oil, on the other hand, which has risen to huge popularity in the last few years is made from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the Cannabis plant and contains a much higher percentage of CBD.

So why is Hemp Seed Oil better than any other oil?

Well, many oils (e.g. flaxseed, fish oil) contain a high concentration of Omega 3 but Hemp Seed Oil contains Omega 3,6 and 9 in the perfect ratio.

Omega 3, 6, 9 are unsaturated fats (the good kind, of course). But as valuable as they are, Omegas come with a big catch: they need to be in the right ratio to each other for your body to absorb (and thrive) off them.

Omega 3 Benefits

  • Promote heart health

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve eye health

  • Boost mental wellbeing

  • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s

  • Support weight management

  • Create a healthy complexion

  • Improve bone and joint health

Omega 6 Benefits

  • Improve brain function

  • Boost heart health

  • Stimulate skin and hair growth

  • Decrease blood pressure

  • Contribute to bone health

Omega 9 Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease

  • Reduce the risk of stroke

  • Decrease inflammation

So that's great! Hemp Seed oil is fantastic for your health. But what does it taste like and can you use it in your diet (apart from taking a supplement).

The good news is Hemp Seed actually tastes nice; it has a pleasant nutty taste. You can use it in a salad dressing, on breakfast cereals, and to a limited extent in cooking.

But there is a caveat... you can’t really fry with it! At least, not for longer than half an hour or so. This is because, compared with other cooking oils, the smoke point of hemp oil is around 165°C. That means deep frying is out of the question, since all of its health benefits will fly out of the window as all of the good stuff is converted into trans fats which you want to avoid.

So everyone should be taking their daily Hemp Seed Oil 'fix' and it perfectly complements use of Salvx Skin Comfort products.

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