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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

We all want a quick remedy to relieve us of our pains and discomfort. So before we go any further I should s

ay that the best way of treating skin conditions is to take into account the whole person, a holistic approach, which might involve looking at stresses, heredity, diet and a whole host of other influences.

But homeopathy does have a treasure chest of remedies that can really help eczema and other skin complaints. The great thing about homeopathic medicines is they taste nice (no boiling up foul tasting herbs), are easy to take and are reasonably cheap to buy.

Dosage should follow the rule: Less is More. So give the least number of doses to do the job. And once there is a positive reaction stop. Don't feel you have to finish up the bottle of tablets.

Everyone should have a homeopathic first aid kit for bumps, bruises, accidents, burns etc.

But if the eczema is chronic or serious then seek the help of a qualified homeopath.


Our first remedy is made from simple carbon, the type that is used for pencil 'lead'. It is particularly useful for the sort of eczema that appears in the bends of joints such as knees and elbows. This eczema is often moist, in other words it suppurates a honey-like discharge. The skin may be cracked (such as feet and hands) and clothing may irritate.


Yes, that's right, crude oil! But of course homeopathic remedies are made from the highly diluted version of the substance, so dilute in fact that not a single molecule remains. Samuel Hahnmann the founder of homeopathy discovered that the more dilute the substance the more powerfully it acted. Contra-intuitive right? But there you have it. Scientists have confirmed that nano dilutions of a substance still retain the ability to affect cells.

Back to Petroleum, the remedy! This is particularly helpful for cracked and painful hands which are worse in the winter months or from cold weather.


Who'd believe that Arsenic, legendary poison of the Victorians could be a healing agent! Well again, homeopathic preparation releases the healing potential of even the virulent poisons. The whole principle of homeopathy is based on the concept that like cures like or similia similibus curentur. So what can hurt you can also heal you.

Arsenic Trioxide (or Arsenicum Album) can be used in eczema where the person is very anxious. They feel that their disease is incurable and they can become hopeless. They especially worry about what they look like with their eczema, how people will view them. They are perfectionists and any skin disease is like a stain on their character. They are VERY chilly people. Their eczema burns, can bleed and is worse from scratching.


Poison Ivy is an infamous plant that you want to avoid. Just slightly touching it can bring a powerful allergic reaction leading to long term skin irritation and muscle aches.

But as a homeopathic remedy it is one of our most powerful healers. The kind of eczema it is needed for can be like that with Arsenicum Album (above). The person has irritated red patches all over which are intensely itchy or burning and the person feels extremely restless. Like Arsenicum Album the person can be very chilly and warm water either feels good on the skin or aggravates the itching.


We all know what brushing against a stinging nettle feels like. Little hairs on the leaf surface penetrate the skin and inject a mild but very irritating poison leaving our skin red, itchy, with hives and blisters. So if we see eczema that look like this Urtica Urens may be our saviour.

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