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Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Dr Samuel Hahnmann developed his concept of homeopathic medicine in the early 19th Century. It was really quite simple. Similia Similibus Curentur.... Like Cures Like. You give the patient the remedy that could cause the symptoms the patient is suffering from and BINGO! Like cures like!

Except Hahnemann found that some of his cases were relapsing in spite of being given the well indicated remedy. So what was going on?

Dr Samuel reasoned that there was some block, some obstacle to cure. And he came up with the Miasmatic theory which postulated that there were three main MIASMS in humanity.

  1. Psora (Scabies)- under functioning

  2. Sycosis (Gonorrhea) - over functioning

  3. Syphillis - destructive

In fact the word Miasm comes from the Greek meaning taint. And out of this theory came both new nosodes (remedies made from disease tissue) and a classification of remedies (and patients) according to their characteristics. So a psoric patient might be given Psorinum (made from the fluid of a scabies vesicle); Medorrhinum (made from gonorrhoea pus) or Syphilinum (made from syphilitic tissue). It all sounds a bit gruesome but when highly diluted and prepared homoeopathically there is no way to tell a nosode remedy from a pretty plant remedy!

This new system allowed Hahnemann and his followers to achieve much more thorough cures. And since then the system has been expanded to include a whole raft of new miasms: Tuberculosis, Ringworm, Malaria, Typhoid, Leprosy and more.

I find it sometimes useful in my practice as a way of understanding my patients.

Homeopaths often talk about LAYERS in a case. It would be nice if every case needed just one remedy to bring complete health and eradicate all suffering. But humans are complex beings who most often go through different traumas, injuries, diseases, not to mention drugs and medicaments, through their lives that often leave a residual energy block.

One troublesome layer I often find in cases is contraceptive/hormonal drugs or 'the pill'. When taken for an extended period of time these can badly disrupt the system both physically and mentally. Thankfully this layer is normally easy to remove by giving the actual hormonal drug in homeopathic potency.

Another particularly nasty layer is that caused by repeated use of antibiotics- this often ends up in a very disturbed gut: bloating, distention, cramping, liver congestion, sugar cravings, foggy thinking and much more. A more recent problematic ‘layer’ is the Covid vaccination. Unfortunately this has caused a lot of problems- symptoms are varied but include neurological symptoms such as numbness and tingling,, shingles -like rashes, joint pains, chronic fatigue. If we just gave the acute or 'constitutional' remedy (the remedy matching the basic character and body type of the patient) in this kind of case it may have no effect on the presenting symptoms. So we often have to give the deeper acting remedies.

I hope this has given you increased insight into the art and science of homeopathic treatment and will allow you to work more closely and effectively with your homeopath.

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