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Jonathan Stallick RSHom

Presented by Jonathan Stallick RSHom,
Registered Homeopath.


Jan Scholten's Plant System doesn't replace anything we know in homeopathy but takes it to a whole new level in terms of depth of healing. There is the possibility of understanding and using any plant without having to go through the process of a Hahnemannian proving. Our clinical practice can be much more accurate and results can be much more satisfying. It also helps us to develop our intuition about our patients and remedies. And believe it or not our practice can be more FUN!!


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🌿 Master Scholten's Plant System


with Jonathan Stallick RSHom

Simplify, Clarify, and Transform Your Homeopathic Practice 

3 PART COURSE (4.5 Hours) - 


"I could not believe what I was seeing and the changes taking place in the patients"

Embark on an educational journey with this comprehensive 3-part course on Scholten's Plant System.

Designed for clarity and depth, this training session is crafted to not only demystify complex homeopathic concepts but also to make them highly applicable in daily practice.


Facilitated by Jonathan Stallick RSHom, with over three decades of clinical wisdom, this course will systematically unravel the intricate theories of homeopathy, enabling you to grasp and apply these principles effortlessly.


This training will challenge the conventional 'keynote prescribing' approach—where remedies are often selected based on a generalized match to symptoms—and emphasize a tailored and precise remedy selection that truly resonates with the unique expression of each patient's condition.

Key Features of the Webinar:

  • Distinguish Between Common Practice and Mastery: Transition from the typical approach of matching broad symptom profiles with well-known remedies to mastering the art of pinpointing the exact remedy through a deep understanding of the patient's unique state.

  • Deep Dive into Plant Families: Expand your expertise with an extensive study of crucial plant families. This section isn't just about touching upon famous remedies but also uncovering the potential of lesser-known ones to provide unprecedented treatment solutions.

  • Attain a Balanced Skillset: By the end of the course, expect to achieve a harmony of simplicity in understanding complex cases with the nuanced clarity required for selecting the perfect remedy. This balance empowers practitioners to enhance their clinical efficacy dramatically.

What You'll Gain:

  • From Complexity to Mastery: Watch complicated principles break down into clear, actionable insights that naturally blend into your practice, enriching your therapeutic strategies.

  • Foster Natural Intuition and Precision: Learn to integrate this advanced knowledge seamlessly into your practice, transforming your approach to be both intuitive and scientifically precise.

  • Enhanced Analytical Prowess: Equip yourself with superior analytical skills that will enable you to diagnose and treat with a newfound confidence and significantly enhanced patient outcomes.

Join us to redefine your practice paradigm, moving beyond conventional methodologies to embrace a practice that perfectly mirrors the unique needs of each patient with precision and empathy.

Includes a lifetime-access recording of complete event. If you need a refresher of the Periodic Table material there will be a (FREE) link on the confirmation email .

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