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The Salmon and the Eagle

I never cease to be in awe regarding the huge variety of homeopathic remedies. Dr Samuel Hahnemann began around 230 years ago discovering the innate healing potential of Cinchona bark based on the universal principle of Similia Similes Curentur (Like Cures Like). And it was only a matter of time before he realised this principle could be applied to ANY substance on the planet. Provings (homeopathic tests on healthy individuals to elicit a symptom picture from a substance) were extended to more and more strange substances and even energies (sunlight, moonlight etc).

Two remedies that were proved more recently that I have found incredibly useful are Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Salmon) and Haliaeetus leucocephalus (the American Bald Eagle).


Jeremy Sherr conducted the proving of Salmon in the late 90s. Here is his description of the remedy:

Oncorhynchus tschawytscha, proved by my students in The Dynamis School, was made from a wild Chinook salmon using eggs, sperm and blood. The remedy embodies the whole cycle of life. The wild salmon circles thousands of miles of ocean to return to the river of its birth. There, it spawns another generation before it dies. The salmon's trip upstream is a struggle to overcome obstacles and requires extreme muscle control and strength.

Provers experienced deep, intense grief and sadness, not knowing where they were going but longing and searching for a home. Conversely, they felt trapped in the house, desired to walk for miles and wanted to travel great distances.

There was yearning for a soulmate, for finding true love and great disappointment for lost love. Control is a big issue in the remedy, either loss of control or overcontrol, especially a mother's tendency to control her children.

Having babies is a dominant feature of Oncorhynchus with many symptoms related to conception, infertility and high sexual energy. Water figures prominently in the proving in many physical symptoms and dreams. Interestingly, all sorts of floods occurred in the provers' houses as sinks, toilets and tubs overflowed.

Rings are present in the proving, in dreams and as jewelry, symbolizing both the theme of weddings and the circular motion of the salmon's life journey. Additionally, provers showed great sympathy for animals.

Divya Chabra says that all sea animals focus on the reproductive system and for Salmon, particularly adolescence.

Jonathan Hardy says: The essence of this remedy is akin to finding a soulmate, and this concept can be projected onto the idea of "home." The sense of home is enigmatic, often undefined and elusive, much like the feeling of not knowing where one truly belongs.

There is a profound desire for both home and meaningful relationships, often fluctuating between a strong yearning for children and moments of frustration when one might feel fed up with their responsibilities. Reproduction plays a significant role in this remedy's essence, even therapeutically, as it is believed to have the potential to enhance sperm motility, making it particularly useful for addressing certain fertility issues.

In essence, the Salmon homeopathic remedy encapsulates the intricate dance of life, a journey of determination, longing, and connection to the vast and mysterious world that surrounds us.


Tina Quirk says: The remedy Haliaeetus leucocephalus, proved by Jeremy Sherr and the students of the Dynamis School, was prepared from the blood of an American bald eagle that was wounded in the right wing and confined to a cage. From the proving symptoms Jeremy teaches that the nature of Haliaeetus leucocephalus is a dichotomy of two parallel extremes, upward motion, elevation and elation and grounding, spiral depression, and despair. Between these non-convergent states lies the horror of the split - destructive relationships, evil forces, the "killing machine," perpetual insanity," "the crack in the universe." Psychotic breakdown, fear of going mad, and insanity may be the manifestation of this "horrible abyss."

All bird remedies have the desire for freedom (to be able to fly unfettered) at the core. The signature of Bald Eagle conveys not just this desire for freedom but the frustration of being injured, damaged and feeling trapped or caged. Patients can be desperate, on the verge of suicidal in extreme cases. However, there is also the 'eagle-eyed' business man, looking for opportunities. Or a fall from grace, perhaps a failed business or loss of a family member that leads the patient to a feeling of desperation and failure. It can be a remedy for people in authority who need to maintain an overview (cf Diamond ).

The essence in my experience is the opposition of flying high and falling injured in failure.

Jeremy teaches that Haliaeetus leucocephalus shares some symptoms, such as vision problems and a cruel, uncaring and violent attitude, with Androctonus (Scorpion). He also observes an association of Haliaeetus leucocephalus with Syphilinum.

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