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Oxytocin. The Love Hormone.

"In Oxytocinum, everything is about “communication and bonding”, in the broadest sense of the words. The patients who need it have the feeling of not being allowed to exist, or of not wanting to exist. They are searching for love and for contact. They do not want to talk; they say nothing and just cry, or they talk too much. Bonding and letting go is also a problem".

A while ago I treated a young girl who had a bedwetting problem. Her mother had suffered from post natal depression and found it difficult to bond with the child initially: "I'm not very tactile," the mum said. The girl seemed cheerful but never asked for cuddles. And the mother wasn't very cuddly either. I gave both of them homeopathic Oxytocin. The result was the little girl started asking for cuddles and the general bonding improved.

Oxytocin as a remedy can be used for post-partum depression (much more severe than a few days of ‘baby blues’), allergies, joint pains or back pains, digestive complaints, and of course, anything in the gynaecological sphere.

Homeopath Daniele Joulin has used Oxytocin extensively in her practice and has the following to say: "My view of Oxytocin, the hormone of attachment, is that it can also lead to detachment; the relationship mother-child can have become so fusional that there is no place for the father anymore. He feels rejected by his wife, who has no libido at all. I have come to call it the “hormone of divorce”, after having seen many such cases in the past twenty years.

The second aspect of this intense mother-child attachment is the digestion: a mother who is afraid that her child is not drinking enough, or who refuses to eat. "

Israeli researchers discovered in 2012 a positive relationship between oxytocin and the success of new couples. The level of oxytocin in the blood proved to be a reliable indicator for the future of the relationship.

Recently, German researchers at the University of Bonn took this a step further, and discovered that oxytocin not only reinforces the emotional bond between people, but also prevents men from undertaking extra-marital relationships.

Homeopathic oxytocin can be used in many scenarios where there is an underlying issue around bonding.

If you have any issues around bonding, Post natal depression, fertility, PMS, endometriosis, homeopathy may be able to help. Book a FREE introductory phone session with me to discuss how homeopathy can help you.

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